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Creative meeting facilitation to involve your entire team

Creative meeting facilitation to involve your entire team

Meeting Facilitation Services

Make your team’s next meeting extraordinary in a session led by a skilled PossibiliTEAMS meeting facilitator in an engaging and energizing setting.

Before your meeting, PossibiliTEAMS will work in close consultation with you to develop a meeting plan that’s aligned with your organization’s goals.

On the day of the meeting, we’ll prep your conference room to bring it to life, using colorful flipboard-sized sketch pads, creativity-enhancing props & puzzles, and hands-on activities to set the stage for brainstorming and productive discussion.

Your PossibiliTEAMS meeting facilitator incorporates experiential techniques to keep you meeting on track and keep everyone involved … ensuring that every member of your team’s input is heard.  We’ll help your team generate real ideas and get you on the path to implementing your ideas.

Your session may include:

  • Creative Problem-Solving Activities to jump-start your team’s brainstorming process and set the stage for innovation.

  • Sketching, Doodling, Building or Sculpting to help your team visualize its topic, gain different perspectives and generate out-of-the-box ideas.

  • Role Playing to view things from a different perspective, whether it’s your customer, coworker or shareholder.

  • Brief Skits to explore scenarios, think through different outcomes and help team members internalize key messages and behaviors.

Expert facilitation for your next meeting - in the spirit of creativity and discovery you expect from PossibiliTEAMS!

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Recommended Group Size:

  • Up to 30 people

Typical Session Length:

  • Half- to Full-Day