With an average ten or more years experience in the corporate team building and training industry, our facilitators at PossibiliTEAMS know their stuff: how to balance fun with learning, adventure with safety and playfulness with professionalism.


Mike Mulvihill
Lead Facilitator / Founder

Mike Mulvihill is co-author of The Big Book of Team Coaching Games (McGraw-Hill Professional, 2013), The Big Book of Brainstorming Games (McGraw-Hill Professional, 2012) and The Big Book of Virtual Team Building Games (McGraw-Hill Professional, 2011).

For over twenty years, Mike Mulvihill has been in the business of creating and facilitating experiential team building events for groups throughout the US, Europe and Latin America.  He has facilitated team building sessions for organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, nonprofit groups and government agencies.  Mike has worked with groups from many industries include pharmaceuticals / biotech, banking, finance and law, retail, consumer products, healthcare, technology, human services, and media and entertainment.

Mike is a member of ATD, the Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD). He earned his bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication from Arizona State University.  Connect with Mike on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.



Mary Scannell
Corporate Trainer / Lead Facilitator

Mary Scannell is a skilled training specialist who combines real-world business experience with superb teaching skills.  Author of The Big Book of Conflict Resolution Games (McGraw-Hill) and co-author of The Big Book of Team-Motivating Games (McGraw-Hill), Mary puts theory into practice by leading nearly 100 corporate trainings per year, throughout the United States and Canada.

A dynamic speaker with a broad background in corporate communications, Mary has trained tens of thousands of businesspeople, in companies large and small.  Her energetic, engaging, and interactive facilitation style makes Mary’s sessions interesting and productive.  She sets a comfort zone that makes it easy and enjoyable for others to learn.

Mary is a member of the Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD).

Mary earned her degree in Marketing at Arizona State University.  To find out more about Mary Scannell, visit her website or check out her profile on LinkedIn.


Terry Pfeifer
Lead Facilitator / Adventure Specialist

A former wilderness smoke jumper and firefighter for the City of Tucson, Terry Pfeifer balances a zest for adventure with a keen eye for risk management as an experiential-based facilitator at PossibiliTEAMS.

With over twenty years experience working with corporate teams, Terry’s engaging style and insightful perspective keep him in demand as a PossibiliTEAMS facilitator.

In addition to PossibiliTEAMS, Terry works with the Make-A-Wish Foundation and has served on the Board of Directors of Blueprint Education.

Terry holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Arizona State University. You can follow him on Twitter.


Chrissy Mulvihill
Team Building Facilitator / Team Assessment Administrator 

Chrissy Mulvihill has over 15 years experience as a team building facilitator, with a special focus on schools and nonprofit organizations. In addition to her role of team building facilitator, Chrissy administers the Insight Personality Spectrum and DISC Team Profile tools.

Chrissy draws from her over twenty years of experience as a physical education teacher and volleyball coach to bring out the best from team members.

Chrissy has a master’s degree in Human Relations from Northern Arizona University.


Steve Gilbert
Team Building Facilitator

Steve Gilbert knows what it takes to build a strong work team.  With twenty years experience as an executive recruiter in the training and development field, Steve knows that companies that embrace a team approach often outperform companies with many “superstars” but no sense of teamwork.

Steve’s fun and energetic style motivates people, whether it’s on the mountain biking trail or in the conference room.

Steve is a member of SHRM of Greater Phoenix. He has also served on the Board of Directors of Blueprint Education and is a member of the Association for Talent Development (formerly ASTD).

Steve has a master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Pacific University.  Check out Steve’s profile on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.